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April 28, 2018!!  10:00am till 7:00 pm

Buy      *       Sell       *      Trade

We will be hosting a buy, sell and trade show.  Outdoors gear, Fishing, Guns, Bows, Hunting, etc.

No door fee!!  

$25 per table, non restricted and restricted weapons are welcome. 

If you would like to bring gear to sell and set up a table please contact us at

Event will be held at the 784 Wing (Between Holiday Inn and Courthouse)





  • PAL Courses Non Restricted and Restricted   (PAL full, RPAL 2 seats left)                                                                                            We are pleased to announce that the CLF&G club is putting on a PAL & RPAL course March 10th & 11th in Cold Lake at the 784 wing building. Minimum age is 12 for the junior PAL and 18 for the RPAL. THE COURSES ARE NONREFUNDABLE !!!                                                                                       Cost is $100 for the PAL or $150 for the PAL & RPAL together or $75 for just the RPAL but you must already have a PAL. Saturday (PAL) is a full day and Sunday (RPAL) is a half day. There are only 10 seats available for each course,  Call or text at 780 207 0852 to register.                                                             For anyone who wants to be put on a waiting list for following courses please text me with your name, phone number and email address and an approximate date that works for you, the more people with similar available dates wins.                                                                                                                                      See the events page for more dates on courses as well as our facebook page.                                                                                                     

  • Our Biatholon Director Stan Wiktorowski is please to announce that he has 2 youths representing zone 7 and CLFG at the Alberta Winter Winter Games in February. Caleb and James will be competing in the under 15 boys. We wish you both luck and cheer you on! Most important stay safe and have fun!

Messages to our members


  • Please respect the props and equipment that are on the range. We recently have had some vandalism done to some of our props used for Commonwealth and 3 Gun Shooting. Anyone caught vandalizing any range property, props, equipment will be banned and possibly charged.  If you catch anyone disrespecting anyone or any range property please report it to us for investigation.

  • If you can please take your garbage out with you and clean up your brass. We need everyone to co-operate on keeping your range clean.

  • Only shoot at target on the backboards, no foriegn objects are to be brought out and shot at, no any reactive targets.(ex. tanerite, firebird exploding discs, etc.)



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Volunteer work is needed. If you have ideas and would like to help us with projects or building items for your range please email us at: