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25M and 100M Bays and shotgun pit are open for members


(Update is coming soon)


Due to a recent incident at a nearby residents concerning stray bullets or ricochets, the 600m range will be closed until further notice pending an RCMP investigation. The RCMP & CFO will be touring the range tomorrow morning and afternoon (JULY 25), the ENTIRE RANGE will be closed during the tour. 


The 100m and 25m ranges will remain open, ALL TARGETS MUST BE directly in front of the backstop and you must only shoot at the target directly in front of you, NO CROSS SHOOTING, and there will be NO shooting at ANY targets on the range floor / ground. ONLY shoot at your approved paper targets that are between 2' ~ 6' off the ground. 


We must do everything possible to minimize and eliminate any and all bullets from leaving our range.  This means that each and every CLF&G member or guest must speak up and take some pride and ownership in your range, you payed a membership fee therefore it is your range every bit as it is mine too. If you see someone doing something wrong or dangerous or illegal, you MUST report it to our club or if needed the RCMP and put an end to the situation! As well as if you see someone doing a great job or volunteering, support them and let them know that they're doing a great job and a well needed service to the club. Better yet try to always leave the range in better shape when you leave than when you get here.


We are in jeopardy or becoming the next Spruce Grove, I do not want be the next gun club in Alberta or Canada to close. Together we as a club will continue to grow this club and facility to its full potential. 


A full explanation of what happened and where we go from here will be forwarded to you all as soon as possible, we have a meeting with the CFO and RCMP tomorrow afternoon.


For those that do not know what the CFO is, he/she is the Chief Firearms Officer. These Officers have the right to shut down any range at any time no questions asked. All the requirements to have a range open come from the CFO and must be approved by the CFO before a range can be open. This includes the barrel limiters that some members decide to rip off the tables. 


This is a very serious matter.


General Monthly Meeting

Thursday Aug 16, 2018 @ 7:00 pm

Let your voice be heard, come to our general meeting to discuss any issues and fututre plans

If you would like to help your club grow and improve, please come join and volunteer.

Our meeting are held  beside the Cold Lake Court House at the back of 784 Wing Club.



We would like to welcome our new Club Secretary Tara Hodges and Archery Director Mitch Hodges. We feel they will bring a great value to the club.

Messages to our members

  •   Please clean up your brass. We have pails at the 25M, 100M, and 600M to dump your spent casings.
  • Please respect the props and equipment that are on the range. We recently have had some vandalism done to some of our props used for Commonwealth and 3 Gun Shooting. Anyone caught vandalizing any range property, props, equipment will be banned and possibly charged.  If you catch anyone disrespecting anyone or any range property please report it to us for investigation.

  • If you can please take your garbage out with you and clean up your brass. We need everyone to co-operate on keeping your range clean.

  • Only shoot at target on the backboards, no foriegn objects are to be brought out and shot at, no any reactive targets.(ex. tanerite, firebird exploding discs, etc.)



Take Action

Volunteer work is needed. If you have ideas and would like to help us with projects or building items for your range please email us at: