We strive to keep our members and community happy!


Club Treasurer

If you or you know of someone that is interested please contact us through email at or come to the general monthly meeting.

We would like to thank R & B Moving and Site Spray Foam for their generous donations. They recently donated twenty 2’ x 2’ x 2’ foam targets for the archery group.

The 100m and 25m ranges are still open, unfortunately the 600m range is closed permanently due to noise complaints and alleged bullet strikes from our neighbors to the North.   

  The executive have been proactive in finding a solution to our problems with encroachment and future development of the surrounding area. The works and plans will be shared when we have some concrete solutions to discuss and vote on. All I'll say for now is that we're hoping to at least double the size of the CLF&G range with the potential for a 1000+ meter range.

2019 Memberships are now available for purchase online and at Canadian Tire.


General Monthly Meeting

Next Meeting will be held the second Thursday of the month.

September 12 @ 7:00 pm at the 784 Wing Club.

Watch our calendar for dates of meetings.

Let your voice be heard, come to our general meeting to discuss any issues and fututre plans

If you would like to help your club grow and improve, please come join and volunteer.

Our meeting are held  beside the Cold Lake Court House at the back of 784 Wing Club.



Covered shooting shacks have been built and put in place on the 100M and 25M bays. More to come soon.

Messages to our members

  • Please clean up your brass. We have pails at the 25M, 100M, and 600M to dump your spent casings.

  • Please respect the props and equipment that are on the range. We recently have had some vandalism done to some of our props used for Commonwealth and 3 Gun Shooting. Anyone caught vandalizing any range property, props, equipment will be banned and possibly charged.  If you catch anyone disrespecting anyone or any range property please report it to us for investigation.

  • If you can please take your garbage out with you and clean up your brass. We need everyone to co-operate on keeping your range clean.

  • Only shoot at target on the backboards, no foriegn objects are to be brought out and shot at, no any reactive targets.(ex. tanerite, firebird exploding discs, etc.)



Take Action

Volunteer work is needed. If you have ideas and would like to help us with projects or building items for your range please email us at: