Volunteers are what we rely on. Please help donate some time to better your range and community!

Projects on the go and updates

Shotgun pit : 

Trees have been cleared out. Working on getting cement walk ways and a couple skeet throwers in 2018. 

Road :

 We are working with companies in the area to help us maintain the road as it get rough.

Target Backstops : 

We have built 3 new backstops on the 100M bay (graciously built by a member), we are looking to build some more backstops at the 600M, 25M Bays and a couple more on the 100M. 

Shooting Tables : 

We are hoping to have a few more tables built for 2018 along with a stable firing lines to secure the tables down, looking at cement firing lines and covered firing lines in the near future. Please take precaution as these tables are not all secured in the ground.

Picnic Tables : 

We are hoping to get and have a few picnic tables and benches out on the range for visiting and breaks. If you know of anyone willing to donate please drop them off or let us know.

We require as many volunteers as we can get, if you can help with any of these project, have equipment and/or materials willing to donate please contact us. This range is YOUR range and will get better the more everyone helps out!

Grass seeding the shooting bays

  • Dirt work 2016

Building of the 25M, 100M, 50M shooting bays.

25 M Bay

100 M Shooting Bay

600 M Shooting Bay

50 M Shooting Bay

Shotgun Bay Dirt Work

  • 2015 Fish Stocking with the Fish Hatchery

  • Building Club Storage House and Shack

  • Cleaning up Gravel Pits and Surrounding Area