Club Member Insurance


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Club Members Insurance
The CCFR is a very different firearm advocacy organization.  Our focus is to inform and educate the nongun
owning public on how the regulation system works and what laws have an impact on public safety.  
We will do this through a wide array of outreach programs using methods never before deployed by our
community.  It’s our hope that by offering our expertise, the general public will be in a better position to
ask our government for effective policies that would result in better outcomes for all involved. 
Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights carries $5,000,000.00 third-party liability insurance underwritten
through Special Risk Insurance Managers Ltd., Policy No. SR005960.  Coverage is subject to usual
policy terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions.  Coverage includes: sanctioned activities of all
members, including probationary members; and registered guests. Sanctioned activities include: all
legal shooting sports & fishing activities, at formal ranges and informal settings such as hunting and
fishing.  A $1,000.00 deductible applies to the claimant.   
Our annual fee is $12/member, plus a $60 registration fee for the club itself. We will NOT make it
mandatory that the club members join the CCFR, we encourage them to join, and will discount a full
membership, but they are free to choose. If members want to join the CCFR fully. The $12 will be
subtracted from their membership fee. So $40 – 12 = $28.
We also offer Directors & Officers Insurance, this will be a standalone policy, and this is a real Directors
& Officers policy that covers the following: 
 Liability limit of: $250,000 - $5,000,000
-Mitigating Expenses (insurance company will pay expenses which may lead to a faster
resolution, very useful with frivolous suits) 
-Crisis Control (expenses which includes protecting your public image, and reputations of each
board member) 
-Public Relations Expenses (we will pay for newspaper, TV ads, and editorials to help repair any
malicious accusations) 
-Confidentiality Breach Event (Instances where one of your board members may breach
confidentiality aren’t normally covered, we cover this. 
-Identity Fraud (This is a big one, with social media and electronic hacking, a lot of people are
now a lot more susceptible to this type of intrusion) 
 Depending on the limit the club chooses, Directors & Officers insurance will costs between $250-1,000/year.

We would also like to offer Free LEGAL ADVICE INSURANCE to the club board. With LAI you will
have unlimited access to qualified lawyers who will answer any legal questions you may have, even if it
is not related to firearms.  
Thank you for joining us in building a safer and more equitable Canada. 
Sincerely yours, 
Lucas Kusiak  
CCFR Insurance Broker


The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is proud to announce our official entry into the Public/Private Shooting Club Insurance Market. We’ve partnered up with Canada’s 4th Largest Insurance brokerage Arthur J. Gallagher (Canada) Group, to bring you a full array of insurance offerings. Please contact our insurance representative at insurance@firearmrights.cafor more info.


$5,000,000 Primary Third Party Liability Coverage. Which covers all sanctioned activities of members with respect to all legal shooting sports & fishing activities for all members, including probationary members of properly affiliated/registered clubs; CCFR members (as defined by CCFR), including probationary members; registered guests.

Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights will also strive to provide the following optional offerings to our affiliated clubs:

  • 24 Hour Legal Advice Phone Line.
  • First Party Legal Defence Insurance for Individual Members
  • Special Events Coverage (Gun Shows, Trade Shows, Product Demo’s, etc.)
  • Training Manuals  for Range Safety Officers (Coming Soon)
  • Training Events by World Renown Shooters and Trainers.
  • Industry Exclusive Discount Offers from our Business Members.
  • Letter Writing Workshops.
  • Media Relations Workshops
  • Social Media Workshops
  • Hunting & Fishing Seminars
  • Trapping Seminars/Workshops.

Who is CCFR?



The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights aims to be a strong and reputable, public-facing voice for Canadian firearms owners. We are committed to maintaining our current rights and freedoms while continuing to push as a mobilizing and organizational force for positive legislative change.



The Canadian Coalition for Firearm Rights is a volunteer organization representing the Canadian firearm owning community. Our vision is to maintain, protect and promote private firearm ownership. We will accomplish our vision by engaging in the following efforts:

  • Inform and educate the Canadian public about current firearm laws and regulations and their effect on our society.
  • Provide support and accurate information to media and government concerning firearm issues, policies and regulations including social impacts.
  • Promote human rights in Canada as they apply to defense of persons and property rights.
  • Promote in an inclusive nature, all firearm related activities and culture in Canada.

We aim to represent law-abiding firearm owners in a fair and reputable way therefore becoming the most effective organization of its kind in Canada.